Pres Head Shot

Pres Head Shot


Our President, Steve Frantz has over 45 years experience in the fireworks and pyrotechnic industries.  22 years executive management experience in overall operations of fireworks companies, directing large display shows, management of manufacturing operations, national sales and over-seas fireworks purchasing.  Show producer, competing in 5 international fireworks competitions.  Worked with local, state and federal agencies to develop fireworks rules and regulations.  Developed training programs and provided training for State Fire Marshals in 6 states.  Member and past President of American Pyrotechnics Association (APA).  Co-author of the APA Outdoor Display Fireworks Training Program.  Member of Technical Committee on Pyrotechnics and Technical Committee on Special Effects for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  Clients include national companies, NFL, Kennedy Center, Walt Disney companies, federal, state and local governments and agencies.



PYRO SELECT -  Purchaser Services

- Designing a complete and thorough

RFP, Bid Request, or Offers

- Credible analysis of proposals or bids providing a recommendation of the proposal with the highest benefits

PYRO ANALYSIS - Investigations and Risk Management Surveys

- Accident Investigations

- Safety Reviews and Analysis

- Regulatory Interventions

PYRO ASSESS - Expert Witness Service

- Plaintiff or Defendant

PYRO BUSINESS - Company Services

- Business Financial Management

- Product and Equipment Guidance

- Personnel Management & Recruiting

- Insurance and Loss Control

- Regulatory Compliance

- Mergers, Acquisitions and Workouts

- Perpetuation

PYRO TRAINING - Training Services

- Pyrotechnic Operator Training

- Regulatory and AHJ Training

- Code Development NFPA


Knowledge, experience and judgement are the most critical elements in this business.  We have gained the knowledge and experience over 45 years of working in all aspects of the fireworks and pyrotechnic industry.  Working at every level from trainee to top management gives us the knowledge needed to provide the best information and advice to our clients.  The consulting services we provide are based upon actual experience in each of the fields that we include.  We qualify the requests for any of the services we offer, by providing an evaluation of the request to determine if it falls within the scope of our knowledge and experience.  We will then offer a response on how we will approach the matter, what we expect to be able to offer and the costs associated with our service.  If our response meets the needs of the request, we will enter into an agreement.


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