PYRO TRAINING - Training Services



Beginning Display Operator Pyrotechnic Training

Training for the beginning technician to include assistants who have no experience, assistants who do not aspire to be Operators, assistants who need periodic training to review changes in the NFPA Coder For Fireworks Display, current edition.

Advanced Display Operator Pyrotechnic Training

Training for the assistant who desires to become an Operator, Operators who need a more global overview of responsibilities of the team leader, prior to arrival at the site, all site operations, post show operations and follow-up responsibilities and Operators who need periotic training to satisfy continuing education requirements.

Close Proximity/Indoor Pyrotechnic Operator Training

Basic course that includes the requirements for licensing, understanding of the products and their performance characteristics, both domestic and foreign products, and both indoor and outdoor products.  Explanation of venue characteristics and limitations, permit requirements, pre-show demo requirements, show operations and post show operations.

Setting up and conducting an In-House Training Program

If you are planning to sett-up and conduct your own in-house training program, there are many elements that contribute to a successful training program beyond the curriculum.  Set-up of the room, the media used for presentation, the number of days and the schedule of each day, physical props, hands on operations, testing and follow-up.  It is also important to make sure the program is certified by the State authorities if there is a training requirement for licensing.  The quality and experience of the instructor are also critical for the training program to be effective. All these characteristics are essential to have a successful training program.


This training focusses on the elements to be considered by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.  Curriculum is based upon permit requirements, venue considerations, outdoor, indoor or close-proximity products, site inspection, equipment types and configurations, staffing positions, show execution, post show operations and reporting expectations.

CODE DEVELOPMENT - NFPA - 1123 - 1124 - 1126

This curriculum is intended to review the specific elements of each code.  It explores the process of code development and analysis of the evolution of each code by reviewing past code editions.  It also explores the logic or discussion behind the changes as well as how the changes have affected  the application of the code.