PYRO SELECT - Purchaser Services


Development or Enhancement of RFP, Offers and Bid Requests

We can review the components of the RFP documents to include the Terms, Description, Exhibits, Timelines for Submission and Questions, Qualifications, References, Insurance Requirements and additional information necessary for the Proposals to be accurate and complete.

Our review can take into consideration specific characteristics of the location, the scope and theme of the event as well as advising the proposers of the expectations of duration, music, design and impact of the display when appropriate.

We have many template proposals that can help with decision making on the how extensive the material and exhibits need to be.

Evaluation of RFP, Proposals and Bids Received

Product Evaluation -

Most proposals include evaluation of quantity, size and variety of the products included in the display.  We can describe the types and varieties of the products proposed, can determine whether they are individual items or combination items and advise how each item proposed will perform.

Firing and Launching Equipment - 

We will inquire about the type of firing system planned for the display and the qualifications of the lead technician in operating that equipment.  We will also inquire about the type of launching equipment and the method of stabilization planned for the display.

Experience of Firm and Lead Technician - 

We can evaluate the company's experience with the size and scope of the display being proposed.  We have had experience producing displays from a small birthday show to large scale International Competitions costing the middle 6 figures.

Company History and Staffing - 

The history and staffing of the company is important to know to determine if they can support the size and scope of the displays that they are contracting.

Reference Contacts - 

It is very important to know the right questions to ask when vetting a proposer, since the references are normally clients that are loyal to that company.  We can evaluate the specific details of the performance of the displays and determine if there are any risk factors that have not been explored.

Artistic Impression Evaluation - 

We can discuss with the Proposer how they plan to present the display from an artistic perspective and evaluate if they are providing enough product and the right items to accomplish their vision.

Pricing Options - 

We can determine if the pricing for any or all options in the proposal is meaningful and appropriate and fits the characteristics of the display(s).

Insurance Claims Record - 

If requested, we can investigate the insurance claims record by requesting an authorization from the proposer authorizing release of the claims information.