PYRO ANALYSIS - Investigations and Surveys


Accident Investigation

One of the most impotant factors in accident investigaions is experience in the many facets of the pyrotechnic industry.  We have extensive years of experience in the following areas:

Pyrotechnic Operator - 45 years

Management of 3 Major Fireworks Display Companies - 24 years

Management of Fireworks Manufacturing Company - 15 years

Travelled to China, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, USA to purchase fireworks products

Member of American Pyrotechnics Association - 25 years, President - 2007

Member of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) - 19 years

Member of NFPA, Technical Committee on Pyrotechnics - 16 years

Member of NFPA, Technical Committee on Special Effects - 1 year

We investigate accidents at display sites, production facilities, warehousing facilities, manufacturing facilities and in transportation.  We are familiar with product issues, both manufacturing, handling and use; personnel issues at fireworks facilities and on display sites; and equipment construction, condition, applicability and stabilization as well as many other aspects of the industry.  We consider all outside environmental and physical conditions as well as any other situations and events occurring at the time.

Safety Surveys

Planning and prevention are possibly the most beneficial aspects of safety and the elimination of accidents.  We provide Safety Survey services and Risk Management consulting for insurance and workers compensation issues.

We offer guidance for implementation of a safety plan and can focus our survey review on a single aspect or issue, or we can consider the global, general overview of the facility and operations. 

Regulatory Intervention

We provide assistance and consultation on regulatory issues for the local, state and federal agencies who regulate the fireworks and pyrotechnic industries.  We can provide services for a general, multi-agency review or we can provide assistance for a single agency issue.

We have worked with Washington, DC headquarters and local personnel of BATF, DOT, EPA and OSHA as well as many State and Local regulatory and enforcement agencies.  We have worked on the task group or consulted with agencies developing fireworks legislation for the states of Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Tennessee.