PYRO ASSES - Expert Witness Services


Legal Consulting

Our work for legal consulting comes primarily from incident and accident investigations, regulatory and compliance issues, insurance issues, contract disputes and general operational matters.  We do not offer any legal advice that would be furnished by an attorney.

In incident and accident investigations there are primarily three factors we see, product construction or failure, equipment failure and personnel errors.  Many times it is a combination of more than one factor as well as other minor contributors.  It is critical to be able to evaluate all the aspects of an incident to see how all the factors, taken together, end in the result. The other minor issues can vary greatly based upon the circumstances involved in the case.

Since we have had real experience in all of these areas, as well as experience in working with the enforcement community who investigate incidents and accidents, we can utilize this experience to evaluate the most likely details and circumstances related to the event or incident.

Pre-trial Investigation and Research

We can evaluate a matter by doing an on-site survey and then do much of the research by reviewing reports and testimony.  We also will research local and state ordinances, laws, regulations and requirements.  We do much of this work on site but much of it can also be done from our office.

Travel will be billed in two tiers.  One price for actual time of travel and another price for the actual on site work.  Work done in-office will also be set at a specific rate.

Court Trial Testimony

Most court-trial testimony is billed from arrival to departure based upon working hours.  Non-working hours are billed as in-office time (not including meals or overnight stays).  Travel is billed the same regardless of type of work.

Plaintiffs or Defendants

We give the same unbiased service to Plaintiffs as well as Defendants.  We will evaluate a case in the same manner and give our client the best advice on the cause and consequences of the situation as well as discuss the possible strategies that might be employed by the opposing parties.

Industry Standards

We can also provide consulting services as to what the most common and accepted industry standards might be in any related fireworks or pyrotechnic situation.  We have worked with many local and state agencies on the development of regulations for the fireworks and pyrotechnics industry.  We have worked with the Washington, DC personnel of BATF, DOT, EPA, and OSHA.  We were also the co-authors of the American Pyrotechnic Association Fireworks Display Operators Training Program.